Every Perfect Face Prince George Made While Meeting His Sister for the First Time

Posted: May 5, 2015 in My Entertainment
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 Prince George made a brief visit at St. Mary’s Hospital in London on Saturday to meet his newborn sister.  Prince William and his son, wearing matching blue sweaters, were seen smiling broadly as they waved to the cameras outside the hospital. Prince George stayed at St. Mary’s Hospital for about an hour before he was taken back to Kensington Palace.


The adorable 22-month-old Prince George has arrived at the Lindo Wing to meet his baby sister for the very first time. Shortly after 4pm on 2 May, the little royal arrived with his proud father Prince William to be introduced to the newborn Princess of Cambridge.


Earlier, Prince William told reporters outside the Lindo Wing of the hospital that he was heading to Kensington Palace to pick up the little boy. “I’m just going to pick up George,” said the Prince William, adding that he and Kate Middleton were “very happy” about the arrival of their daughter.


“We could not be happier that on this historic day, the birth of the first Royal Princess for a generation, that the Royal family should pick one of our designs to dress the Prince in as he makes his first visit to meet his new sister,” brand founder Rachel Riley said in a statement.


“The Duchess of Cambridge is bringing a spotlight to traditional British clothes such as these simple classics, when children were dressed as children and not as mini-adults. We are delighted for them and wish Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and their young family our best wishes on this happy occasion.”


 Ten minutes after William made the short journey from the hospital to Kensington Palace, he arrived back at the hospital with his young son. After pulling up outside the Lindo Wing, William got out of his car and help George out onto the pavement. It looked like plan A had been for the toddler to walk the short distance to the hospital steps, but seemingly startled by all the commotion, George reached his arms up to his daddy, who scooped him up and carried him the rest of the way.


 Encouraged by his father, little George waved to wave to the crowds who cheered and clapped to see two future monarchs waving at the same time. William paused briefly outside the doors to the Lindo Wing, talking to George all the while to reassure the little boy. 

prince william and prince george

The touching scene when Prince William give his son a kiss.


The little prince is rarely seen in public – his protective parents have issued some photographs but he hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as his father William and Prince Harry were when they were the same age. Surprisingly, it is the only the second time Prince George has been seen in the country officially – the first being on the very same steps in July 2013, when his parents proudly introduced him to the world.


Every Perfect Face Prince George Made While Meeting His Sister for the First Time.


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