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We can’t deny the fact that words coming from the brain and the heart can really inspire a lot of people. Most people just wanted a little inspiration, and using your wise words could really be a big help.

This 77-year-old Brazilian homeless man named Raimundo Arrudo Sobrinho’s life has changed after he tried to open his life to a woman named Shalla Monteiro.

He had been homeless for 35 years, right after the end of the dictatorship in Brazil. During the hard times, all he had was a PEN and a PAPER.

No one knew that he is indeed a great poet and philosopher until Shalla created a Facebook page wherein she posted all the wise words from Raimundo.

Because of his words people claimed that they were really inspired talking to him, that’s why most of them decided to bring gifts for him.

Fortunately, Raimundo’s long lost brother recognized him and asked him to live with him.

This is indeed a wonderful and inspiring story, he is now living a happy life with his brother as he continues to inspire other people!


He had been homeless for 35 years. Everything changed after he gave a paper to this woman!